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What's Wrong With the HIRING PROCESS?

Missing Out on Great Talent.

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71% of applicants are frustrated that they need to manually enter their resume after uploading it.

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30 days

30 days is the average time it takes to fill a position in the United States.

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58% of applicants feel that their resume never gets seen by a “real person”.

Introducing Vette.

Vette allows applicants to phone interview with a human within seconds of applying to a job, 24/7.

The Secret Sauce.

How does Vette work?


Applicant applies to company job posting through a job board, company website, QR code, or short code.

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Receive SMS

Within seconds the applicant receives a text message to phone interview now or when convenient.

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Instant Call

Applicant clicks link and “interview now” and is connected to a human within 30 seconds.

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Applicant interview is conducted and results are sent via email to the company or ATS (Applicant Tracking

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Listen to the real deal.

Hear Vette in action

A real-life Vetter interviews an (anonymous) applicant.
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The Hiring funnel.

Seamless Hiring

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Vette engages applicants from the employer’s applicant pool within seconds of them expressing interest in the job.

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We take the first step in vetting your applicants in real-time by having a human ask questions from an interview script that you provide.

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Through instant engagement, we move the most interested and qualified applicants through your hiring funnel.

Decreasing Funnel from Applicant Pool > Vetted Applicants > Hired

THE Latest on Vette.

Coming Soon: Software Licensing

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License for Internal Use

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Fast Results

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People Data in Real Time

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